Monday, 31 July 2017

The Sun

the sun is the lugerst star in our solar system there are many stars like it in the wider Universe. they Earth is just right distance from the sun that our planets not too hot or not to cold. the light from the sun takes 8 in too reach Earth and give's  life too plants. Astronauts will niver won't too leaned on the sun as reaching 500k degrees celsing 100 time's hotter.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

going swimming

Every  Monday and Wednesday we go swimming it is so fun. When we get in the pools, we take the roll then we go and have a shower so we can wet our hair and togs so after our shower we don’t need to wait to take the roll  so that we don’t get cold. First we need to sit on the bench. We need to put both hands on the other side of our body because it is really safe to do that because if it is a deep pool if you jump in the pool we  might not know how to swim but if you put both hands on your other side of your body when you get in the pool and

You can’t touch the floor you can just pull yourself up  and my instructor is Kat she is really fun and kind. We do free style, starfish and back style. We use flutter boards and we learn about rivers, beaches and lakes because if we're at the beach we need to swim between the flags so the life ghads can see us and if we go on the other side of the flags there might be big waves  and there might be hard rooks and the life ghads can’t see us and our parents won’t be able to find us. That is why we always swim between the flags. Yesterday we went swimming we used life jackets the clowers were yellow red and orange we learned how to jump in the pool and flip  on our backs and swim back to the island and the full in from the bin csh and float on our stomach.

the scary story

One day the was a little girl named Zoe she lived in a house in  NZ. One dark morning  she  heard  a baby crying so I got my bike and went as fast as I can and then the baby stopped crying but then suddenly there was a door and it was locked so she tried to open it but it could not open so she needed to walk to the end but she was too scared because she sow someone with a mask on  and he had the baby and she  heard someone laughing and said hope you like water
Hahahaha TO BE CONTINUED……..  

My holidays

On the holidays I went to gold
coast for my aunt's wedding i was a fowler girl. When I came back from gold coast I went to Sydney   
Australia with my mum, my big sister and my baby brother
When we got home we went straight to our pool and then we went to take our dog for a walk.
When we were in gold coast movie world I  went on the green  
I went on the green lateen it  was so fun. That I had butterflies in my tummy. When i was still in Sidney me, my step dad, my mum and my baby brother went to the opera house me and my baby brother got to have a ice cream I  had chokes and cream and day  he trend 1 on his birthday we went to a rugby club dwen in parkariaga and my step mum sandi  made branes
And my step mum’s sister Carla  made a mentey chocolate cake it was so Yum. when I was in gold coast me, my Aunty’s, my Uncles and my paper  and my nana went to movie world my aunts went on the superman returns ride.
On saturday it was my aunt's Livs  wedding me and my cousin got to walk the puppies down the isle  they were wearing little costumes
They were so cute and there names  girl one is coco and the boy one is mayley. Then after the wedding me and my cuisine’s needed to go to our tag prizegiving my teams name is under 10s kakapo we win all of our games on the weekend
We got to have 2 models and
2 big  srofes. At my house in sydney
 We have a doggy his name is
Molly and he has really sharp teeth and he is only 1 years old.
When i was in Sydney My big brother Kyle always stay in his room playing on his play station or he well  go to his friends in Miranda. Last last last weekend it was my baby brother’s he trend 3 and his name is Latrell but he lives in
Sydney and i live in NZ he got chivers and same cloths when i was still in Sydney me,my mum, my big sister and my baby brother
Went to wet&wild me and my big sister went on the a big water slide it was so fun. When we got home we all  went to our pool then we had a shower  and then we had same dinney then after dinney we went to chols to get same goodes  it was the best day ever. On April my Mum and my brothders and sister is coming to NZ all the way from Sydney when they all come me, my Mum and my sister are going to have a girls day we mignt  go shoping or go to the moive but i now it will be really fun dho but it will be really sad when they will go back to Sydney i really will miss them then i mignt go to Sydney.

I have 4 sblens my oldes brother is 15,  my sister is 11, my baby brother in Sydney is 3 and my other baby brother that lives in NZ is 1. When i averred in Sydney last year my baby brother and my big sister run  straight   to meit was so cute when my baby brother was running  to me.

Monday, 3 July 2017

line symmetry



   This week in maths we are learning about tessellations.  


Follow up activity  

Why do we have Anzac day?
Because it for the people  that was in the war that past.
When did the war start?
Why was the Anzac button so important?
Because if they find it they can go to the chief and he can look up it and see who he is.
Why did the war affect many families?

Why do we say “Lest we forget”?
Because a lot of people past.  
What does ‘ANZAC’ stand for?
How do we show our support for the soldiers that went to war for us?
By saying thank you for going to the war for us
What did Ella find in her jacket?
The button from her grandpa's jacket.

Below you are going to write a letter to a Soldier named Dave, this man went to war for his country.  Write a letter telling him what you’d like to say.
 Hi Dave thank you for go to the war for us and we hope you liked the food there. 

waves Dictation

The Walkway
Beach - Free images on Pixabay

Start your writing here:  Looking out at the clear glistening blue water. I see a walkway suddenly I stop I think to myself would this be a good idea before giving myself a chance to answer. I find myself jumping onto the slippery log. I skip from log to log. Splash, slipping off the log. I land head first into the ice cold water. With all my strength I swim across the water back  to the beach. What an adventure.

the Taniwha

The Taniwha
Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 1.32.34 PM.png

I can see a humongous  ferocious center runny towards me so I started runny and run under a log and  stayed there until I came out.
The people were screaming so loud that the center trad too eat them
So all of the people went in there car but there was no gas so they hede in the grass the center was roa z so loud he could not even find all of them. Then all i could hear is the taniwhas clowers scraping the rocks and his footsteps are so loud. As I can only samil the taniwha and all of the people’s clothes.