Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

On friday the 8th of june 2018 all of the students went out with other teachers. When Miss West and Mrs Moala told us were we were going I felt nervous because I wanted to go to sports or cooking. But inserted I went with Mr vogt. When we got there. There was not that much people there. After the roll Mr vogt told us what to do. There was some year 1s and year 8s in my group. My friend made a colorful poi. I made a black white and pink one. At a assembly Mr vogt asked me if i wanted to talk about our poi I was so nevosrs because the hall school was there so i did it and i was so scared because when I went on there everyone was staring at me.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Water bucket

On a windy day 11 animals went on a journey around NZ. The first place they went to was the sky tower.

They wanted to jump of it but the problem was they chould not jump off it because they are wild animals.

The man on the sky tower told them that he can try and put the belt on them and they were jumping around.

The man told them to stay still and they listened. They all had belts on them so the man told them on the count of 3 jump 1 2 3 jump.

The animals jumped and had butterflies in there stomach.

As soon as they touched the ground they took the belts off them and run to get a ice cream.

they finish there ice cream evere one was stirring at them they got scared and run to a forest. The bunnies seneffed the ground and walk.

They ended up in a lake the 4 bees were so happy and the 3 cow’s, 2 lama, the roster and the 2 bunnies was so happy that they found the lake.

They all swim in it and when they were done then bunnies seneffed the ground again and they told the rest of the animals to follow them and they ended up in a another lake but the lake was filled with people. So the bunnies seneffe the ground but the cows were mad and tired so they started to have a fart challenge. Then the bees got mad and tired of flying so they started to steg each other.

The bunnies were trying to find a place where they can rest. Then they ended up in this place.

It had a bed and food the animals were so happy and proud of the bunnies.

                          BY MIA

Thursday, 31 May 2018

2018 choose a narrative

At 2:00 PM Mia , Mele, Eva, Oalii, Jane and Norah-Jade went down to a Beach.

When we got there we saw 7 free water jet packs so we asked our mum and dads if we can get it and they said yes so we run straight to get them.
As soon as we got them we run straight to the water but when we turned them on it went flying in the air it was so cool and crazy.

Then we had a race but sudenly the jet pucks went crazy because the gas run out because we were going so fast and crazy so.

We fall straight to in the water.

We were so far hardly no one could find us and there was a big wave coming and Jane and Naorah-jade had a idea.

There idea was to swim fast so the wave can push us to the shore.

a shark was coming and everyone screamed and some reason we all saw our mums and dads in a jet pack coming to save us. Mia’s mom and dad grabbed her.

Norah jaded’s mum dad saved her Evas mum and dad saved her.

janes mum and dad saved her Mele’s mum and dad saved

her Oallis Mum and dad saved her last but not lest Nina’s mum and dad saved her

and that was the end of the 2018 choose a Narrative. 


Thursday, 17 May 2018

FIA FIA night

On Thursday the 12 of April 2018, we had FIA FIA. If you don’t know what FIA FIA means it is like Polyfeast but instead you do it at school.

We needed to come back to school at 5:30 so we could get changed and get ready. At 7:00 we started.

Finally at last my group went on. My group was kapa haka. When we got on stage I heard My Dad and my Nana say, “Go Mia!” I was so nervous. When we started singing, everyone’s families were so happy and I saw some parents crying.

It was so cool.

When we finished singing the nice calm song, we did ‘Te iwi e’ and then we did the haka. The haka was Tektone. After that we went off the stage and went back to our changing room and got into our uniform because it was so cold and it was raining.

That was the end of our 2018 FIF FIA NIGHT.

I think I don't really want to do that again because I was so nervous  

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

about me

Kia Ora My name is Mia & I am a year 5 student. My teachers names are Miss West & Mrs Moala. I enjoy singing and I Like to play at the park with my friends. My favourite food is steak. I play touch & netball on the weekend I sometimes play Touch too. . Please leave me comment.

Monday, 26 March 2018

scanning task

  Today my class room 10 did this out of 30 minutes this is what I got done I got that mush because it was kinder loud. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

blog post

We have learn how to make a positive, thoughtful and helpful.

Friday, 23 February 2018


one day there was 3 girls 2 were twins and the other one was a cousin they all was 10 wow they were stuck inside because there has been a big storm were they were staying. When the storm was over they went straight to the beach.Than they went for a walk down a path way and saw this long green pipe and then they saw spray bottle different Colours then they were so naughty and opened and there was so much lift so they use it and then a alen and a monster come out of nowhere and said don't do that.
TO BE CONTINUED...        

Human Knot

On Monday my classroom went to the field and then Miss West put me into a group. When we got to the field but  I was not really happy for the group I was in because I really wanted to be with my friends but I needed to go to the group I got put in. We got in a big knot with our arms. Next we needed to try and unknot yourself without letting go from the other person's hand. I saw and heard a lot of yelling and laughing it was so funny and really hard.

Today we needed to highlight a simple sentence yellow and a compound sentence.  

Thursday, 15 February 2018

What does mean to be respect full.

One way to show respect.  Respect is a way to show kindness and making sure u don’t leave anyone out. Another way to show respect. Be Focus on your Learning and make sure you don't let anyone body copying you. Another way to show respect. Be positive and if you do something wrong don’t lie just tell the truth BC a lot of drama will come. Next way to show respect. If you are swing at the beach and you see plastic you can pick it up BC if you don’t the sea animals melt eat it. I think all of as should show respect not just at home but wherever you go.