Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

On friday the 8th of june 2018 all of the students went out with other teachers. When Miss West and Mrs Moala told us were we were going I felt nervous because I wanted to go to sports or cooking. But inserted I went with Mr vogt. When we got there. There was not that much people there. After the roll Mr vogt told us what to do. There was some year 1s and year 8s in my group. My friend made a colorful poi. I made a black white and pink one. At a assembly Mr vogt asked me if i wanted to talk about our poi I was so nevosrs because the hall school was there so i did it and i was so scared because when I went on there everyone was staring at me.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Water bucket

On a windy day 11 animals went on a journey around NZ. The first place they went to was the sky tower.

They wanted to jump of it but the problem was they chould not jump off it because they are wild animals.

The man on the sky tower told them that he can try and put the belt on them and they were jumping around.

The man told them to stay still and they listened. They all had belts on them so the man told them on the count of 3 jump 1 2 3 jump.

The animals jumped and had butterflies in there stomach.

As soon as they touched the ground they took the belts off them and run to get a ice cream.

they finish there ice cream evere one was stirring at them they got scared and run to a forest. The bunnies seneffed the ground and walk.

They ended up in a lake the 4 bees were so happy and the 3 cow’s, 2 lama, the roster and the 2 bunnies was so happy that they found the lake.

They all swim in it and when they were done then bunnies seneffed the ground again and they told the rest of the animals to follow them and they ended up in a another lake but the lake was filled with people. So the bunnies seneffe the ground but the cows were mad and tired so they started to have a fart challenge. Then the bees got mad and tired of flying so they started to steg each other.

The bunnies were trying to find a place where they can rest. Then they ended up in this place.

It had a bed and food the animals were so happy and proud of the bunnies.

                          BY MIA