Friday, 27 October 2017

Magic Number

My holladay's

On the holidays I went to gold
coast for my Aunt's wedding, i was the fowler girl. When I came back from gold coast I went to Sydney   
Australia with my mum, my big sister and my baby brother.
When we got home we went straight to our pool, then we went to take our dog for a walk.
When we were in gold coast we went to movie world, I  went on the green  lateen, it  was so fun that I had butterflies in my tummy. When i was still in Sydney me, my step dad, my mum and my baby brother went to the opera house. Me and my baby brother got to have a ice cream, I  had cookies and cream. My  baby brother he turned 1 on his birthday, we went to a rugby club down in pakuranga and my step mum Sandi  made brownies
And my step mum’s sister Carla  made a mint chocolate cake it was, so Yum! when I was in gold coast me, my Aunty’s, my Uncles, my paper  and my nana went to movie world my Aunty’s went on the ‘superman returns’ ride.
On saturday it was my Aunty Liv’s  wedding, me and my cousin got to walk the puppies down the aisle,  they were wearing little costumes.
They were so cute and there names were Coco, she was a girl and Mayley, he was a boy. Then after the wedding me and my cousin’s needed to go to our tag prizegiving, my teams name is Kakapo, we are under 10s we won all of our games on the weekend.
We got to have 2 medals and
2 big  Trophies. At my house in sydney
 We have a dog and his name is
Moloy, he has really sharp teeth, he is only 1 years old.
When i was in sydney My big brother Kyle always stayed in his room playing on his playstation or he would  go to his friends in Miranda. Last last last weekend it was my baby brother’s birthday, he turned 3 and his name is Latrell but he lives in
Sydney and i live in NZ, he got convers shoes and some clothes. When i was still in Sydney me,my mum, my big sister and my baby brother
Went to wet&wild. Me and my big sister went on the a big water slide it was so fun. When we got home we all  went to our pool, then we had a shower  and had some dinner. After Dinner we went to Coles to get same goodies,  it was the best day ever. In April my Mum, my Brother’s and Sister will be coming  to NZ all the way from Sydney. When they all come Me, my Mum and my Sister are going to have a girls day, we might  go shopping or go to the movies, but i know it will be really fun though. I will be really sad when they will go back to Sydney, i really will miss them.

I have 4 sibbling’s, my oldest brother is 15,  my sister is 11, my baby brother in Sydney is 3 and my other baby brother that lives in NZ is 1. When i arrived in Sydney last year my baby brother and my big sister run  straight   to me, it was so cute when my baby brother was running  to me.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Once we got into the hall Mr Burt, Mr J and Mrs Nua were singing and Mr Somerville  was playing the drums and Mr Wiseman was all the way at the back playing a bass guitar. After all of that it was time for team 1’s  they were playing snap it was so funny because they had music. Next it was team 2 Miss gaston was singing In the jungle the mighty jungle song and it was awesome. During team 2’s Mrs peck came on the stage and all the other teachers came on the stage. Finally After team 2’s it was team 3’s our one was really funny because Mr Moran was singing and the pav was laughing at it. Next it was team 4’s one was so funny they were being so silly in the car they were playing a lot of songs  at the end of team 4’s movie Mr J was just looking at them and he started dancing to it. At  last it was time for team 5’s movie they were eating popcorn and they were watching the lion king when the monkey was rising the baby lion it was so funny and it was silly to because they were playing different songs .  
In the end  Mr Burt, Mr J and Mrs Nua and Mr Sommerville and Mr wiseman started signing again the song that they were singing was Musical Madness. During the musical madness Mr Burt, Mr J and Mrs Nua and and Mr wiseman went quiet and Mr Somerville was playing the drums it sounded so cool. After all off that we all head back to class and did same work.