Thursday, 17 May 2018

FIA FIA night

On Thursday the 12 of April 2018, we had FIA FIA. If you don’t know what FIA FIA means it is like Polyfeast but instead you do it at school.

We needed to come back to school at 5:30 so we could get changed and get ready. At 7:00 we started.

Finally at last my group went on. My group was kapa haka. When we got on stage I heard My Dad and my Nana say, “Go Mia!” I was so nervous. When we started singing, everyone’s families were so happy and I saw some parents crying.

It was so cool.

When we finished singing the nice calm song, we did ‘Te iwi e’ and then we did the haka. The haka was Tektone. After that we went off the stage and went back to our changing room and got into our uniform because it was so cold and it was raining.

That was the end of our 2018 FIF FIA NIGHT.

I think I don't really want to do that again because I was so nervous  

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